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Gold Star Foods is the leading food service distributor in school nutrition food and supplies by serving school systems across the United States since 1978.

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Gold Star provides quality assurance alongside best-in-class solutions & safety practices. We partner with all types of school systems - no matter the food needs, the number of students or location. Gold Star Foods offers temperature trailers that accommodate any variety of goods – fresh, frozen or dry. Because we have more than 40 years in the School Nutrition industry, we thoroughly understand school meal programs intricacies and provide brilliant solutions to help navigate the continually changing school food industry.

Our history

Gold Star Foods Inc. began operations in 1966 as a meat distributor to the Los Angeles area.


Gold Star Meat Company was a family-owned business and was purchased in 1978 where the focus of the business shifted from restaurants to school districts in the Southern California area.


To better reflect the changing inventory, the company name was changed to Gold Star Foods in 1983, and most recently to “Gold Star Foods Inc.”

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Core Values

Our Circle of values contains attributes that are both a result of the one before it, and a catalyst for what comes after it. No single attribute can live on its own, and no element takes priority over any another. It’s a symbiotic relationship that thrives as the four elements blend into one movement.

GoodSource Solutions
Experience since 1978

Our customer base has grown to hundreds of school districts throughout the United States. We are an award-winning company due to our commitment to excellence – we have been recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture and the American School Food Service Association as an outstanding food service distributor to school districts.

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